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  1. Hi Lisa, 

    What time of day is good for you? Maybe we could flex for our next meeting? I'll mention if you are interested....

    Let me know...no pressure, ok?



  2. Here's one possible Take-Away too; Molly intends on opening us up to her Meditation in our meeting today;; if we take turns meeting by meeting,

    we can give each other Feedback too; you are more than welcome to join us Gillian too,  unless that was not understood,

    unless want that creates a confilct of interest for you. I hope Sean would understand you supporting us. Just sayin..

  3. Pretty Shot, Rosanna, Welcome,

    I learnt a new Definition of Photography called : 

    Mindful Photography (Unsure of this source.)

    "Photography as Meditation:

    How so? Neuroscience has determined that multi-tasking is a myth. Your brain actually cannot do two things at once, which is why focusing on your breath in meditation has such a profound effect and is the core tenet of that practice. The same thing applies to photography. If you’ve shifted your brain’s focus to the steps necessary to take a photo, at that very moment your brain isn’t engaged in all the thoughts (good, bad, and ugly) that preceded it. Even for a nanosecond, by placing your Attentional Aperture on something you find interesting and then composing and capturing an image, you’ve pulled your brain out of its usual routine and into a more mindful state".

    I never considered this like thinking before, till now...








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  4. Hi Molley,

    I am in the process of contacting another peer; she & I began exchanging emails...let me get back to you on her...what's your last name, please...mine is Barber, ok?

  5. Hi Molley,

    Thanks for reaching out...I am good for August 13th @ 11 AM/CDT, 10 AM your time, so that's good you?. Were you planning on reaching out to others...just curious..

    Thanks, Rick.

  6. Sure, Molley, 

    Let me know how to proceed; Gillian tagged a few folks too. Why not start an email list of folks based on the others tagged here...just an FYI...

  7. Hi Gillian,

    I think it's hard for us here to organize around that IMHO; I think it would be helpful if Sean organized the logistics around that would be great foir folks to sign up so we can exchange emails at least...he could mention it in our Q & A's...to even sign up there; I'm just suggesting.

  8. Yes, Gillian,

    I saw Molley's post; thank you; that sounds viable, yet someone needs to coordinate this...it doesn't seem to be  such "...a logistical nightmare..." if Sean kicked it off IMHO....so time will tell...

  9. On 3/3/2021 at 10:42 AM, marga.wiekens123@yahoo.co.uk said:

    Hi Lisa,

    I would love to connect with and being part of a small group.
    I'm just starting this course and it would be lovely to share and/or debrief.

    I'm in the UK. I love the Q.A sessions and I find Sean very calming and explaining things very well.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Ladies, 

    Yes, I have been thinking a lot about having a small group of folks to have Peer Support; I think it's something Sean, hopefully, would be open to e. g. even the week he was away, we basically had little support except here; after all  when I was in college we had had a variety of Study Support groups, I know another Student-Teacher was suppose to be compiling a list of folks, yet never seemed to materialize.

    Gillian, I know Sean is considering another Zoom group for us....we need the kind of Support when we can meet as a Study group to see how we can support one another outside of our Q & A Sessions.

    Hope Sean is open to that...we are Professionals here and it would be nice to have that autonomy here & to accomplish that successfully; there needs to be some trust in that as a group, certainly to make it optional yet, at least to begin a Process for that...Again, we dont get to really know one another outside of the Q & A's....food for thought; what do others think & feel about it?

  10. Hey Gillian,

    Here's a good one:

    How would you know someone may be having a meltdown in front of you eyes & what is the best way to handle that?

    As a previous LCSW, I would know individually & Professionally,  how to handle that, however as Teachers, what can we do to manage that type of situation? 

    Let's say they are having PTSD issues from the past...sounds like I need to check in with David Treleavens group again...here David's Webinar:


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  11. Great Question, Gillian!

    I knew I belonged here after my Phone conversation with Sean; certainly my Passion to help others has always been a strength with me, though some of those parties were not willing clients in my early days; moving forward I want to help others in local Community and hope to expand to Local Gov't agencies as well as the Healthcare Community as well having worked in Healthcare for over 11 Years. That takes two keys: The Openness and a Willingness.

    And before we can teach others we have to be able to be aware of our present moments with curiosity, and having no judgements.

    It's all an enlightening process! There's no magic here; it all takes practice!

    Maulana Rumi says it all:



                                                          Poem by Maulana Rumi

                                                 "When I run after what I think I want,

                                    my days are a furnace of distress and anxiety;

                                              If I sit in my own place of patience,

                                   what I need flows to me, and without any pain.

                        From this I understand that what I want also wants me,

                                            is looking for me and attracting me.

                       There is a great secret in this for anyone who can grasp it".

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  12. Welcome Judy, from a Transplant from Beantown!!:)

    I am Rick; I grew up in the Jamaica Plain District of Boston.

    Hope you get what you need from our program; you are amongst Friends!

    Gillian is a Great resource, & yet, so are we; let us know how we can help you:)

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