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  1. Good Morning, Colleagues,

    Here is our Zoom Link for this Friday, Sept. 24th at 10 AM/CDT: 

                            Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 878 8686 6791: Passcode is: >>Mindful<< also I only have a Free acct. I am limited to 40 mins..

    Hope to see many there; please invite others who may be interested.

    Thank you; I have sent an email as well; Alan, I did add you to our email thread.

    ~~~Rick~~~We will begin with a short Practice lead by myself; bring yourSuccesses, Ideas & Concerns; We do belong!

    Alan, I already added you; thank you.
    P.S. I would just ask that you confirm with me if you are coming, please.         

    Thank you.    


  2. Notes from Peer Support-Friday, Sept. 10th @ 10AM/CDT.

    Molley & I met via Zoom:

    1. Molley began with a Meditation Practice; Molley lead a Beautiful Practice regarding Themes of Letting Go & Gratitude; we mutually shared some Personal Stories. I      personally resonated with both Themes!  Great job, Molley!

    2. We discussed the benefits of Connecting & Engaging with one another & find Value in that.

    3. Discussed the possibility of adding more to our Group; I mentioned those I reached out to.

    4. With our Programs, we discussed the time management issue as this can be challenging at times.

    5. The Rubric Scale was discussed as Molley was seeking more info RE: The Evidence Section; I suggested exploring with Gillian or Sean.

    6. We also discussed the option of changing the name of our group; we both agreed that to do so would cause confusion to all. It shall remain, "Peer Support".

    The next Live Peer Support for Sept. 24th @ 10AM/CDT-we meet for 1 Hour. All are welcomed; let me know if you want to be added to our Email Group.

  3. Welcome, Tana,

    You are amongst Friends & Colleagues!! I am Rick in McKinney, TX.

    Gillian is a Community Moderator; she'll check in, I'm sure!

    Anyway, Welcome! Let us know how we may assist you:)

    BTW, I spent 10 years in Social Services myself as well as Management Consulting & 11+ years working in an Alcohol/Drug Treatment program.

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  4. OMG, No Christina,

    That's Amazing; I know the area very well; I use to have Friends from JP who lived there off of the VFW and Baker St.; I dont know if they are still there, though...in High School we use to go to dances at Catholic Memorial (CM as we called it back in the day). I got my License at the Registry in Rosie!:) That's a story in of itself...would love to chat sometime.

    I don't know your age, nor shall I ask out of courtesy, at New Years every year, we use to go to Ho-Sa-Gai for Chineses Food, then buy a Rum Cake from áBoschetto's on Washington St.; they had the best Rum Cake ever!.:) A lot of transparency here!:)

    No, I moved to RI after many years growing up in JP around 1990, then from RI, I met my Soulmate online on a Singles site, then she convinced me to move to McKinney, TX where I began my Business as a Professional Photographer at www.FinestFotos.com....long story there...:)

    Would you like to be part of Peer Support group as Gillian pointed out? I do not know your email; if you want to be apart of a Group email; just email me at my Email addy, ok? No pressure, though. It's totally optional.

    Welcome aboard:) You are amongst Friends:)



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  5. Hey Christina,

    Welcome from another Bostonian; I'm originally from Jamaica Plain, a District in Boston; so nice to have another Boston Patriot here!

    Thanks, Gillian, for passing on the Peer Support Posts Link! Do you have an Email, Christina? We can include in our Loop Emails...if you decide...

    BTW, we are considering changing the name too!  Our next Peer Support is this Friday @ 10:00AM/CDT. We are meeting every other week...Molley will send out the Zoom Link to us...perhaps post it too...Hope you can join us, Christina....

    Gillian, when are more changes coming to the website? Will we have the option of posting Polls? Just curious. Thanks.


  6. Hi All,  (In attendance yesterday was: Molley, Jane, &  myself; we meet for 1 hour).

    Thank you Molley & Jane! So nice to see you back, Jane! 

    RE: Peer Support; thought I would provide you with a brief report:

    We agreed that our Purpose is to 

    1. Connect with each other; we gave individual updates today.

    2. Hold ourselves accountable having no judgements.

    3. Taking turns Practicing with one another & provide Peer Support, again having no judgements.

    Our Next Peer Support, though it was proposed we change our name; our next Zoom meeting will be Sept. 10 at 10AM/CDT;

    Molley will provie the Zoom Link here; it would be nice to have email addresses to link us in a common thread.

    if anyone is interested, Molley will provide the Zoom link here; come join us; we are all in different stages of progress and we emphasized we are not in competition

    with one another:)

    Thanks again, Molley & Jane.


                               May You Be Well.

                               May you Be Safe & Free from Suffering.

                               May You Be Healthy.

                               May You Be Happy.

                               May You Live Your Life With Ease.


    If I left anything off, Molley & Jane, let me know.



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  7. Is anyone interested here? I have tried to introduce this Club the best way I could; I'm no expert at this; just thought it would be helpful to discuss his book and/or Trauma situations related to his David's book; I am more than halfway through his book...would Folks be interested in his Facebook group?

  8. On 8/24/2021 at 5:15 PM, mol.mac@hotmail.com said:

    Hello everyone,


    I am sharing the zoom link here for the session rick and I planned on the 26th at 2:30 mountain time USA. Everyone is welcome, so please feel free to attend

    Hope to see you there




    Join Zoom Meeting


    Hi Friends,

    2 Reminders:

    1. Our Peer Support is meeting today; for me in Texas, the time is: 3:30 PM/CDT; here is our Link as Molley has provided; I like to use a Purple Color font as to me it represent: HOPE: Helping Others Perform wi: Excelence; again our Zoom link: 

                                          https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87061285598?pwd=eURLRWQxb3p1QUszK3dLN01NSjRnUT09   >>>Molley & I begain this 2 weeks ago; feel free to join us;we welcome your ideas & thoughts.

    2. Diana Winston's Mindful Meditation group is today @ 2:30 PM/CDT; her link that you need to register is"

                             https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation >>Hope to see Folks there...:)


  9. On 7/6/2020 at 8:58 AM, Gillian Florence said:

    Someone recently shared this link with me that outlines a journaling practice for expanding self-awareness while also creating positive change. I have started this morning and will continue to follow the prompts in 'Step 2' for the next 30 days - as part of a new goal to journal everyday for the next 30 days.


    Gillian, Apple tells me RE: that website, the Certificate for that website is not secure; I cant risk damaging my PC....FYI...

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  10. Hello Heather,

    If I can add to Gillian's response: "...you might want to check with a doctor about it just to be on the safe side...." we cannot determine your situation, even with the best of Mindful insights; if your Dr. does not have a clue, then, maybe you need a second opinion, if not, an Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctor, esp having a Tinnitus issue; when Physical symptoms show up, it is always best to rule out Medical issues, then work it from there; I am not a Dr. yet have a Medical background...so be Safe, that's what I would do......

    Best Wishes, & May You Be Well.


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  11. Hi All, 

    I have been negotiaing for months to convince our Public Library to have a Mindfulness Program in McKinney, TX; they finally have approved me for this program;

    though I was hoping for a 1 Hr. A Week program, they have me scheduled for check one Evening on Nov. 22; here's the link if you are looking to provide an Introductory program in your community;

    the Library developed the Summary; I have my Program all ready to go & am promoting it all over the Web; here it is:


                         https://www.mckinneytexas.org/Calendar.aspx?EID=15839&month=11&year=2021&day=22&calType=0  >>>The upshot is: Dont Give Up; I have higher hopes for 2022 at the Library. Feedback is welcomed.

    Thanks in advance:)




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  12. Hi All, 

    Molley & I kicked off our Peer Support Group today; we kept is simple with beginning with a brief Meditation; we both agreed to that taking turns doing doing this is a great way to get Feedback for one another which will hopefully provide the kind of feedback for our Rubic Scale. 

    We had not a prescribed agenda for today and agreed just to have a conversation to get us started; we agreed having  the group is a great way to connect with one another; we compared our Mindfulness program to a Masters' program & fully realized that Masters' programs have Peer Support as part of their programs. Other than our Wed. Q & A's is the only time we get to connect with one another; IMHO...how can we accurately connect with one another if there is no structure for that...perhaps Sean could be open to that with all being equal, as responsible Adults. Again, my opinion...just saying. Having the connection today with Molley allowed for that to happen even if to begin a friendly conversation. So, thank you Molley.

    Our Tentative next meeting is Auguest 26th @3:30PM/CDT; all are welcomed; Molley will establish the Zoom link for that...That's a Wrap!

  13. Hi Colleagues,

    Welcome to our Book Club Re: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness in reference to Davis Treleavens Book.

    1.  I want to briefly explain my colored font; it is not meant to be Self-centered; the Color Purple is to convey a sense of Hope to all; I'm surprised that others do not use the color font.

    2. Who all have finished reading David's Book? Who is currently reading it? Who has not even began it or bought yet?

    3. Who has attended any of David's Classes either in our Q & A's or in his Facebook group or both?

    4. What Initial thoughts &/or questions do you have?

    Feel free to comment on any or all.


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