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  1. If I may digress a little; here is a Podcast from David's Website; this is what David says about this Podcast:


    "We just released a new episode of the Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) Podcast that I wanted to share:

    In this episode I spoke with Simon Whitesman, a medical doctor and psychologist who is also a founding member of the Institute for Mindfulness South Africa. Simon has spent decades exploring the connection between mindfulness and trauma, especially in the context of South Africa".:


    David does have a Facebook group too; let's check out this Podcast, perhaps comment after. I have yet to listen to it yet.

  2. Hi Staci & Daniel,

    Welcome aboard!  I am Rick, in McKinney, TX; I have been doing a Live Open Outdoor group at a local Park; it has varied Popularity, particularly with Open Awarenesses of Sights & Sounds as I recently had to deal with Sirens driving by the park, yet I will refer to the Breath as an anchor; that is not a usual occurrence,  just an obvious distraction...the Park is usually fairly quiet otherwise.

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  3. Awesome, Sara! What's more apparent to me now is, that if we can be Present for folks who suffer Trauma and help them to regulate themselves with provided assistance from us, then, that is primary, in my opinion! it's all about giving Clients options during Meditation, particularly if they are feeling Dys-regulated.

    David is a Great Teacher! We have been in class with him twice since I've come aboard.


  4. Hi All, 

    I question Dr. Gabor's Technique;  just because Folks agree to a "Compassionate Inquiry" does not necesarily mean that he or she is not performing Therapy; as Therapists, as I have been previously, many Therapists utilize many varied techniques, to delve in to a Client's psyche;  this, I perceive, as one of them. I may stand alone here, then so be it.

    We, as Teachers of Mindful Meditations, are Not Therapists, so I offer a general Caution to all; though we may want to help our Clients, yet again, Clinical Boundaries need to be respected & upheld; in-retrospect, what if a Client went into Dysregulation from past Trauma and a Mindfulness Teacher was not prepared for that, being respective of David Trelaven's Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Book & principles. So I ask, what's a Mindfulness Teacher to do in that case? Just my own "Compassionate Inquiry".

  5. On 10/24/2021 at 8:28 AM, Sara Doolittle said:

    A few things.   In reading the example stories, I was most interested in the hippocampal failure where the "brain never gets the message that the traumatic event has ended...".  And that mindfulness teachers are not experts in how to work with someone's trauma but instead become trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive.  It feels investigatory to me.  There's no one way but instead, being informed and sensitive and exploring from that space. 

    Also, when I was studying psychology in college there was no mention of trauma or PTSD (to the best of my memory).  I found the history of how PTSD evolved to become a diagnosis very interesting.

    Yes, Sara, 

    I dont recall anything from my College years also, though we spent much time with my Abnormal Psych course becoming familiar with all the varied Mental Health diagnoses from DSM #3 into DSM #4.

    What sticks out in my mind are the questions we may ask of any clients and how we ask those questions are key to heathy discussions re: Trauma; we may not always be aware of someone's history.

    Since I am now finished with his Book, though Never ever really finished, David provides a "Screen For Trauma" Questionaire on Pg. 162 for assessing Folks who may attend a Retreat. I suppose this could apply to a closed group foe those who have suffered Trauma as well....

    The Trauma curiosity & discovery will forever be an ongoing educational process

    Great discussion here.:)

  6. Hi Sara,

    Capturing Nature with my Camera is pretty Awesome as last night's Sunset was in credible.

    I'll try to post in my Photos as I seem not able to post here.

    Ahhh...here's one of the Cape Cod Canal in Buzzards Bay, MA, where my Parents use to live; my Mom & I use to sit by the Canal after my Dad passed away & we would watch the various Ships & Boats travel the Canal...that is the Buzzards Bay Railroad Bridge.

    Hope you like!:)








  7. That's nice to hear, Melissa, 

    Congrats, you are the first post to respond; I do appreciate that; not sure about others; sorry to hear you endured some Trauma, though hope his book has provided some relief for you. 

    I love David's Book, I am almost finished with it; I admit I copied his photo from his Profile Photo; being a Professional Photographer, I know better; yet,  I was trying to pose an attractive photo so folks will be attracted to the Group seeing David's Photo...

    Anyway...be that as it is; feel free to post Topics you think/feel would be inviting to others...

    Thanks again & welcome!

  8. First of all, welcome to our newer Members!

    Have any/all have you read David's Book?

    Now that we have 10 Members now, I figured folks could step up & respond, so how about it?

    (BTW, do not be intimidated by my Bold Purple Color Font; I chose Purple with it's association with the theme of Hope, ok?) It's a choice:)

  9. After the presentation that was impressive, I was very mixed about it...I did email Sean, yet no response from him as yet, as I know he has a lot on his plate right now, as I do as well.

    In any case, I partially felt he was performing actual Psychotherapy for those who willing came forward; we are being Trained as Teachers, not Therapists as profound as other were very impressed; as I am trained to be a Therapist, I will know my Boundaries with Students; it can be a fine line & as Teachers we need to be aware of that boundary.

    That's enough for now. 

  10. On the Bookjacket of David's Book he says, "...trauma remains a fact of life: the majority of us will experience a traumatic event in our lifetime, and up to 20% of us will develop post-traumatic stress. This means that anywhere mindfulness is being practiced, someone in the room is likely to be struggling with with trauma.

       At first glance, this appears to be a good thing: truma creates stress, and mindfulness is a proven tool for reducing it. But the reality is not so simple".

    Your Comments? Let's begin this conversation...

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to welcome our Newest Members! We are now at 7; feel free to use color fonts to distinguish one another;

    not a requirement; just thought it's an easy way to distinguish one another...I use Purple due to it being representative of Hope.

    In any case do any of you have David's Book? Just curious...I am 4/5's nearly finished-A powerful Testimony.


  12. OMG, Alan,

    That's amazing! My Dad's Family roots go way back to Ashland, MA; one of my Dad's Uncles was the Town Clerk there many years ago...

    congrats on your Ordination; that must be quite the Story.:) I see Molley sent us an email RE: Peer Support; I'll track it down & add you if you'd like.

    Let me know, ok?


  13. Welcome, Alan, From a former Bostonian,

    What part of Boston are you? I grew up in Jamaica Plain; lived there for 25 years.

    We are all here as a Team; feel to connect anytime. I come from a Religious Family, where my Unclle was an ordained Minister on my Dad's side & had 2 St. Joseph Nuns on my Mother's side of the Family:) Real Ecumenical:)

  14. Hi Gillian,

    Here are a few of mine:

    1. The Simplest shortest ways to explain the Neuro-Scientific benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation-e.g. Use of Metaphors, etc.

    2. What are some difficult questions we could be asked, not that we have all the answers either?

    3. How does one balance paying attention to the group's Awareness vs. plugging into your own practice during Meditation?

    Hope this will help with possible topics.


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  15. Hi Folks,

    Isabel & I have been problem-solving with my Tech issue! I believe I'm wired correctly now, LOL!

    I wasnt tuned into the Zoom App on my Mac...Tech issue resolved; I'd like another shot at it, if y'all don't mind? Anyone up for a short Zoom soon?

  16. Hi Folks, 

    There are so many Meditation Apps. out there & Meditate before bed can be helpful; taking Mindful Pauses help as well. And if you want a sleep analysis of your sleep, try wearing a Fitbit, which measures, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, as well as measures your Awake time too.

    Here is a Health Article I read that has various Sleep postures depending on your overall Health issues:


    Now, other things to consider, how many pillows do you use at night? And how high or low is your Pillow at night?; what Temperature do you keep at night?

    Also, regarding eating at night, if we have any snacks, we tend to be finished by 9PM if we are going to bed by Midnight or slightly before. Just a few suggestions to consider. 

    Hope that helps,



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