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  1. Hi Emily, Welcome; that's what I call taking a Bold Step! Kudos to you. Let us know how can we be of help to you... Inspirationally, ~~~Rick~~~In McKinney, TX.
  2. Hi Melissa, It's always nice to see you in our Q & A every Wed.; I know we covered a lot of heavy material yesterday; Sean gave some wonderful suggestions regarding this concern; I'm wondering if you hit the nail on the thread when you said: "I have come to think I may need to work with a trauma therapist". That may need to happen; I think a Therapist who knows you better than anyone else may be able to assist you because I trust you would lay your cards on the table with such a Therapist. Again, Sean had great suggestions as well, so anything you do Practicewise would be an additional benefit to Therapy. My Best wishes to you; I know what is feels like when one door that slams & opens up old wounds...Inspite of it all, wherever you are, it's ok....I'll be thinking Good thoughts of you...
  3. Im not sure where I saw it; I could be wrong...I'll scout around when I have a chance.
  4. Hi Bev, Welcome. I am a transplant from Boston, MA to To RI, then McKinney, TX; I have a Social Work background & wondering what type of Clients do you service and what Strategies do you utilize to obtain your Clients? I had various Mental Health and an EAP Directorship in Private Industry. Would love to connect.
  5. So Melissa, How are you finding David's Book? What stand out in your Mind? What useful tools have you found useful? Namaste.
  6. Re: the Tool, Gillian...what is the "Marker Name" ; is that the Person who is scoring mbitac? Was not clear...thanks. Bangor University: MBSR/MBCT Teaching Practice Competence Assessment Module Student Name: Moderator: Marker Name Bangor University: MBSR/MBCT Teaching Practice Competence Assessment Module Student Name: Moderator: Marker Name
  7. Hey Gillian, Did I miss something? Is Sean doing a 2nd q & A on Thursdays now? Just curious..
  8. One that call out to me is: "I Belong". Im not sure that is in the course, though Sean taught us that one; love it! I remember many years many years ago when I was immature, and did not feel I Belonged.
  9. Welcome, Zhihao, Let is know how we may assist you...my name is Rick:)
  10. Happy New Year To All! As New Members, Please introduce yourselves...we have about 22 Members now...let's get acquainted. How about these openers: 1. What Brings you to this Book Club? 2. How can we be of help to you, remembering I do not have all the answers; we are a Team, ok? 3. What would you like to see happen here? Who's up next? The Open Mike is on...
  11. Also, Gillian, Welcome back BTW:) Hope you don't mind me chiming in..Folks, make sure your Chapters have a Video which begins your Chapters....that is a mistake I made in the very beginning. Happy New Year to all!!:)
  12. Hi Alexaraye, Did you see my Suggestions? I'd love to help, yet had no response to my questions. Try answering, please? Ok?
  13. Hello, Hope all has a Great Holiday. Is anyone here to participate? What Topics would you like to cover?
  14. Hi Colleen, By the way, are you a Microsoft or Apple User? Sometimes that makes the difference; I am an Apple User. I had problems in the beginning too, yet not now... Have you downloaded your Workbook to your computer? If not, then do a "Save as" to your Files where you keep pertinent Mindful Files? Once saved, it should be in your "Save as" file. Then when you work on yiur next Chapter, do another "save as", then your PC might ask you if you want to "Replace" your Notebook; at that point, Click "Replace", & it will be saved with your new work completed. Don't know if that helps, hope so:)...
  15. Hi Folks, I am curious what topics, concerns, ideas that folks have about David's Book? We are all team here; we learn together. What specific interests you have in reading his Book? If David were here Live in our Book Club, what would you ask him? Feel free to share...
  16. Ahh...you are right, Gillian, Usually in my past I would go searching for tips RE: Holidays! Brilliant move-Thanks.
  17. Awesome! Great job! That's why we are a Team.:)
  18. Thanks Folks, for posting these resources; I can add that during Holidays re-arises those feelings of Loss...what works in conjunction is to recall ways we celebrated as a Family to recall positive Family events, and to admit, anything that comes up in the present moment, feelings as well. For me, it is Family celebrations we had, smells of finest meals, Special Homemade deserts, and all, too....what habits & or Stories that were brought to the Dinner table... For instance, I had an Uncle who was an avid Boston Red Sox fan who gave me my First Baseball glove as a Child, which lasted for many years...this same Uncle was buried with a Boston Red Sox Cap resting on his chest in the Casket which deemed his Loyalty to his team; in his ripe old age, he was bragging to me at another Family Funeral that he actually wore a Red Sox T-Shirt under his overcoat, which made me chuckle at such a solemn event.:)....even now makes me smile! These are ways that helps to me to deal with Holiday Stressors.
  19. Hi Lisa.. I just realized you had your event, already...hope you had successful events; I was puzzled about your "logistics"? So how did they go? I'm curious...
  20. Hi Members, First of all, we are a growing community; feel free to choose a topic that interests you; also be free to begin a new Topic re: TSM for us to discuss & or questions you may have. Second and this is Big News: I was in David's Monthly Meet-up yesterday & he announced to all, that though he is taking a break for a while, he informed us that he is and will be producing a TSM Workbook that will contain many TSM themed exercizes; he is also forming some Smaller Coaching Groups and may even provide some one on one Coaching for designated Fees. Also, here is the link from yesterdays Meetup; I noticed the click-on link did not work, so I am providing the direct link below: Just so I do not misstate anything; here is a copy of his email: "Hi everyone, Thanks to all of you who joined us yesterday for our Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) Meet-Up. We covered a wide variety of topics such as creating safety with intake forms and follow-up surveys, and cultivating belonging when we're triggered by a student or client. If you missed the Meet-Up or want to access it again, you can do so here. As I mentioned in my last email, this was our final Meet-Up for a while, but you can find a link to all previous Meet-Up recordings here. In the Meet-Up we also announced a new TSM Mentorship and Supervision Program. In 2022, I'm looking to work with a handful of people who are interested in receiving personal and professional mentorship around Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM). This year-long program is for those of you who want to: Receive intensive personal and professional mentorship from me (David) over a 12-month period Engage in personal trauma-healing (where appropriate) to support your work and practice Deepen your understanding of TSM through tailored, individualized practices Amplify your impact as TSM practitioners in the world If you'd like to hear more about the program, please write to us at support@davidtreleaven.comand we'll send you more information. We've created a short application form for those of you who are interested, and there will be scholarships available, as well. In the meantime, we'll be continuing to send you resources on TSM including new articles, relevant interviews, and podcast episodes designed to support your work and practice. Thanks again, everyone. Warmly, David"
  21. Hi All, I found this intriguing Article that I thought I would share with you; this Focus is on Mindfulness and how Children can learn about Mindfulness through Photography; whether I am shooting Commercial shots, Portraits, and or Headshots, Photography is focusing on a Present moment in time, sometimes a millisecond and finding those people or things which cultivate positive Value. Anyway, see what it can do for Children : https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_photography_can_help_cultivate_mindfulness_and_gratitude A Penny for your thoughts.
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