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  1. until
    During these Covid times, we all need to take a Mindful time to "Being Still"! About this Event: Virtual Event (There is a $20.00 Fee for this event). In this class you will learn some Basic Mindfulness Terms and to realize everyone needs occasional Mindful Breaks in the day! For we Americans who are ever producing Checklists, Goals, & Missions, what better way to just Stop & Pause!So be prepared to find some quiet space, to Learn, without Judgement, yet have Curiosity & let's Meditate together! Hope to see some Folks here attend. Here is the Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mindful-meditation-being-still-tickets-136854420255?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=esfb&utm-source=fb&utm-term=listing&fbclid=IwAR1TsytUO1VEPePK3VL4dmM9Cu_0unHjpCHnFUJHtGkmo4YjoT9adSzDGgQ
  2. Here's one Texas Resource, Ladies, though they require a Masters or Doctorate Degree which I do not have: https://mindfulcounselingtexas.com/employment/
  3. Yes, Gillian, It was Awesome & I too was humbled how Christopher described his Public Speaking Anxiety and how he recovered from that; I definitely related to that! Yeah. somehow that 78% did not seem to surprise me, though for some Folks, that 78 may not apply! And it was nice to see you join us as well!
  4. Hey Gillian, Wasn't sure where to put this since we are talking about TSM: (Thought Folks would want to know...hope others come); David's Great about keeping us informed. TSM Meet-Up happening tomorrow, Wednesday, January 13th, from 9:00-10:00am PT. As a reminder, TSM Meet-Ups are free, monthly gatherings designed to support your work and practice. I’ll open the 60-minute session with a short TSM practice, share some thoughts and experiential practices, and then open up a dialogue/Q&A. Tomorrow's Meet-Up is titled, "What's Needed for the Path Ahead? Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Tools for 2021." We'll explore: How sustained adversity impacts the nervous system (and adaptations you can make to your mindfulness practice and teaching) Which TSM practices best support stabilization and regulation after a period of prolonged stress (e.g., pendulation, resourcing) Ways that the mindfulness community can mobilize in 2021 to support communities that have been most impacted by the pandemic Here are the details for tomorrow's TSM Meet-Up event: Date: Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 Time: 9:00am PT (convert to your time zone) Location: Zoom video call Two ways to connect to the event: Option #1: Online (video or audio) https://zoom.us/j/92463555860 Option #2: Telephone (Dial by your location) +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose) +1 646 876 9923 US (New York) Meeting ID: 924 6355 5860 International dial-in numbers can be found here.
  5. OMG, Gillian....thanks so much; I logged the "Teach" one in my elctronic Notes, thanks.
  6. Gillian, Thanks, I am feeling a little loss, bear with me...in terms of which group, all I see is the 3 sections for posts! Where those separating the Internet connections VS us "Teachers-in-Training"; feel like a cluts today...I have been dealing with Insight Timer Tech issues, too..:( my apologies... WELCOME YOUR MINDFULNESS EXPERIENCES, QUESTIONS & INSIGHTS YOUR FORMAL MEDITATION PRACTICES
  7. Hey Katie, You may or may not laugh or checkle here; I just emailed Gillian to see if we have a Certification Checklist!! See, every time I see you get overwelmed, it's like we are in sinc with one another...e. g. like in Lesson #6. we have a Project of 20 days to complete: "Take a few minutes to journal your thoughts and feelings about your cultural experience and identity for 20 days. Read and reflect on what you are uncovering and where you may focus your attention to increase your cultural sensitivity". Anyway, so far one day at a time...coming Wed. to Christopher Germer's Class with Sean? Do you have their Book and workbook? I just bought mineOur Certification Workbook skips around their book? I'm done for this AM...it's 1AM...time flies!!
  8. Hey, Thanks, Gillian...The Link does not5 work with Safari; have to use Google Chrome for us, Apple users! What Criteria is Sean seeking aside from the Stories?
  9. Hey, Gillian, You always seem to get my back! Thanks so much! Funny you should ask about the Hospital; I just zipped off an email to this Regional Marketing Director who is completely tight-lipped and gave no reason whatsoever, as she is the Top PR Staff person for the Hospital as well, so with my observation of poor communication today at the Hospital, I filed a complaint re: some basic comunication issue today with no response from their Guest Relations Dept. It is afe to say, if Communication issues occur at the Basic level...there must Greater issues at the top, albeit, the Covid crisis ongoing. So I left her some things to think about with my Open-door policy prevailing. Anyway, anoer hard lesson to learn here... RE: Covid...the Us is struggling on numerous levels to get the Vaccine out; I have applied for the shot with None in sight as yet; we can only pray and hope!:)
  10. Hey Gillian: As I am beginning my Mindful Meditation Scripts; here are some of mine: (My Email is: Finestcoaching524@gmail.com My Global Mindful Meditation Education Podcast: https://anchor.fm/FinestCoaching-RickBarber >>>I would love to have a Guest on for a Mindfulness discussion & Meditation sometime. Our Facebook: Global Mindful Meditation Group: >>>https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalMindfulMeditationGroup Care to do a Joint Meditation sometime? 254 Members are here in our group! Our Linkedin similar Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12268868/ 69 Members are here! Feel free to join any all; support is needed at these. so let's connect:) Thanks.
  11. OMG, Gillian My Anx just revved up! I missed our Weekly with Sean yesterday! At least next Wed. Christoper Germer will be with us...how timely...wish Kristen Neff was with him!! I have been tuning into her Meditations! Their book is Awesome too!!! I get scattered too, Gillian... I dont know where my head was at...I was thinking today was the 6th!! Deeeep Breaths....Again...Deeeep Breaths!!!:) I'm a little Disappointed that my Healthcare Hospital rejected my Mindfulness Proposal when a Fav. ER Supervisor Nurse I spoke with indicated that Burnout is a huge issue for them! I even inquired how they have dealt with that, No Response...that is Sad!! And this RN has become a Friend; she remembered me when I had to take my Fiance' there many months ago! Our Gov't was ravishly attached yesterday by Thugs!!! I hope they arrest them all!! Sorry, but the Belly of our Gov't , the Hose of Representatives was viciously attacked leaving one Female Shot & Killed, and she apparently was a Vet!!! What the hell was she doing in the midst!!!??? Anyway, it's so Sad! I hope this calls for Greater Security when it comes to protecting our Gov't Buildings!!! You would think we would have learnt somethings after 911!!! Apparently not!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!! Our Gov't need Mindfulness Big time!!! Hmmm...I'm thinking... My Fitbit indicated I got just 2 Mins over 1 hour of Deep Sleep last night...it usually less and my Mind has been dreaming some crazy dreams even after Meditating in bed... Anyway, Happy New Year, Gillian! We deserve a Best year! I have already applied for a Vaccine; that was not encouraging! off to do errands!!!:)
  12. Hi Folks, Here is one of my First "Loving Kindness" Meditations; comments welcomed: https://www.facebook.com/708710023/videos/10164487295735024/ Thanks.
  13. OMG, isn't that the Truth, Gillian!!! LOL!! Though I had a pleasant trip down Memory lane with my Brother yesterday partly testing his Memory! Some of his Memories were better than mine! And I'm the Younger!! Some days he is very sharp, othertimes not so much!:( at lease we can have a rational Mindful conversation!:) I think he gets my Loving Kind concern today! Just for today!!:)
  14. Hope you enjoyed your Time Off, Gillian! My Fiance' and I shared some Gifts with our Wonderful Senior Neighbor across the Street from us, whom had a terrible Christmas whose Daughter-In-Law was in and out of the hospital; as I dropped off the Gifts she came to her doorway as I was parting across the street, and so I expressed our Gratitude for her in the form of "Loving Kindness" and she blew me a kiss, & expressed a mutual Gratitude!!! It's amazing how affective we can be when we do that!!! It's new verbage for me with "Loving Kindness" extended back to us!!! And, point being, that "Loving Kindness" can be extended to anyone!!! I have to make attempts at repairing some old family hurts long overdue!!! That will be a True test of sorts!! Not all will accept that them either!!
  15. Hi Folks, I hope more Folks take advantage here: I wanted to post my Podcast before I was ever aware of our Program here; Gillian, for the benefit of others, can we have a separate Topic of Podcasts? Anyway, here is my "Global Mindful Meditation Education"? I had not done any Podcasts recently, though I will be beginning to focus more on Meditations. I did one one or more...I have to research more; here's the Link: https://anchor.fm/finestcoaching-rickbarber/episodes/Global-Mindful-Meditation-Education-e5h655 Would love to hear feedback...now there are 17 Podcasts, so just an FYI...Hope y'all enjoy, please share with others...I would love to entertain doing a Podcast with others here, call it a Dual Mindful Meditation!
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