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  1. I'd say about 4 months ago it started. And it mostly happens when I am seated with eyes closed, it can happen if lying down with eyes closed. And that's a very interesting insight. My doctor seems to be unsure as well, and my body's response to anxiety/stress typically is dizziness and nausea, BUT I felt like there was no triggers in these moments (at least that I am aware of). I am started to suspect that the more I meditate the more aware I've become of my body and how I told stress. Thank you for your response, I guess I'm just trying to weed out possibilities but it's looking more and more like... a stress response! I just wasn't sure if other's knew something I didn't. Thank you again!
  2. Hello all, I've had this issue for several months now... when I meditate with my eyes closed I'll often feel slightly dizzy and nauseous. I do have Tinnitus (inner ear problem), but I don't have any issues with dizziness or nausea when going to sleep at night. I've been practicing for approximately 2 years, steadily, and this was not an issue in the past. Any insights? It's not a big problem, I can just open my eyes, but I'm very curious as to why this only happens while meditating. Thanks! Heather
  3. This was soo helpful, thank you! I agree about coaching and counseling seeming similar to many clients. I've made sure to outline what to expect in my sessions on my website, hoping that'll be good place to start making the distinction.
  4. Thank you so much! I was thinking of FitMind but wasn't sure. These are all so helpful
  5. Hello all! I have a friend who has become interested in meditation, and has meditated a little bit on and off. However, we spoke recently and he is looking for recommendations... I think he is looking for a connection to spirituality, self-awareness, self-improvement, but new to exploring this aspect. I was thinking loving kindness meditations, breath awareness, but was wondering if anyone could recommend additional resources or meditations, or even specific meditations for a beginner... but looking to take it further. I have resources in mind, but welcome any feedback. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the feedback! In order to comply with any rules I'm going to stick with "certified teacher" and define what occurs in my sessions as meditation coaching". I appreciate your help!
  7. Hi All! Here is the link to my website, The Musing Fox. It's a blog about meditation, has free resources (meditations and printable docs), as well as a section for booking sessions. www.themusingfox.com Looking forward to connecting with more teachers! -Heather
  8. Hello! I had a general question about what title people use, and what is appropriate. I'm currently a certified meditation teacher, working on my 2nd through this program, and a licensed master's of social work. I offer private sessions and don't know which is appropriate, "teacher" or "coach". I don't offer counseling or therapy because I am not certified as a clinical social worker. But feel my private sessions will be more than just a guided meditation session. I plan to provide education, explore client's specific needs, create meditations for them, help them work through any meditation struggles, and of course refer them to other services should they need counseling or something. What are people's thoughts? I don't want to say "coach" if you need to be certified specifically as a meditation coach. However, I feel coach more accurately would describe my role. Thank you for your feedback.
  9. I don't know of any either, other than having your own business as well. But I'm very interested in seeing what people think. Thank you!
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