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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Stacy Inness and I love in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. I recently joined Mindfulness Mastermind and I was so excited to see that is has evolved into a Teacher Training Program as well! I have had a couple different careers in my life so far, the most recent being a Pilates studio owner where I also brought in different people to host guided meditation sessions for the studio clients. This is something I have wanted to dive deeper into, and teach others mindfulness and meditations. I went on a 10-day Yoga Retreat trip to Rishikesh, India almost 4 years ago and it changed me. I am so thankful this course is here and I look forward to connecting with others to learn and grow through this journey. I had to close my studio due to COVID-19 a couple of months ago and have been looking at the different things I learned through being a studio owner as well as all the things I am truly passionate about, and what I really desire for my life moving forward. I love music of all kinds, traveling, yoga, Pilates, meditation, healthy eating...I am working on getting certified in those areas so I can present a complete package of knowledge to others and have the ability to personalize my coaching or teaching or guidance (whatever it ends up being) for each individual.
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