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  1. Yes, that helps. I'll put them into one folder when i'm finished. Thank you!
  2. Me again! Hi Gillian. I'm doing the teaching exam in 2 parts. Is it helpful to send the first part now? Or send everything together? Thank you! Natalie
  3. One more question! For the video we record for the certification: do we teach all the foundational principles of mindfulness, as listed? And, does the recording have to be done live in front of students? Or just a recording? Thanks Gillian!
  4. Thank you, Gillian! Last question (I hope) . While we are meant to teach each of these practices 3 times, do we fill out each form only once? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Gillian! Yet another question about this I'm a bit confused about the language of these forms. "Strengths" - does that mean the strengths of the meditation itself? "Learning needs": whose? Mine or the students? Competency rating: am I rating myself in teaching this practice? Thank you!
  6. Thanks Gillian. So to clarify: do we fill out these rating forms? Or does a student do it? Thank you!
  7. Hi there. So when we teach a particular practice 3 times, as per the certification curriculum, do we record it all 3 times? The narration there's a particular place to log it, or is it just doing the above? Thanks!
  8. The first thing that come to mind: a sense of humor! That just makes it all so much more accessible and makes me, as a student, take myself less seriously. But also: compassion. Great storytelling skills. An ability to call me and other students on our BS. An ability to tune in so well to what we're saying and where it's coming from.
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