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  1. So this is directed to anyone in the community who might have useful insights. I have some clients at the moment who have become increasingly anxious due to covid. I plan to suggest some mindfulness practice to help but I was wondering what specific mindfulness exercises people have used and found to be effective when it comes to helping with anxiety. Thanks in advance for your sharing.
  2. The greatest gift mindfulness has given me is the deeper awareness of my connection to all things. Before mindfulness I was obsessed with finding that one special secret that I could adopt that would miraculously change my life. Whilst the journey has been interesting, in the end it has been regular mindfulness practice that has ultimately changed my world. It is now the foundation of my coaching practice. There is not a day goes by where I don't discover something knew about myself or the world around me - mindfulness has opened that door.
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  4. Hi I'm Mark and I hang out in Melbourne, Australia. Currently I am working through a quiet transition from corporate life into the world of personal coaching. I enjoy studying Eastern philosophy such as Buddhism and Taoism along with Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Sociology and I guess any of the other "ologies" that help shine a light on what makes us tick. Mindfulness sits at the core of my coaching philosophy and so this is a great place for me to expand my awareness and practice so that I can further develop ways to help others. When I'm not buried in the topics above I attempt to play my guitar and uke, cook great meals with my wife, dance in the kitchen, sing in the shower, travel and write. I am extremely grateful to Sean and the team for the quality of content available here and look forward to touching base with you all at some point in the journey. Peace and love, Mark
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