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  1. Hi Rick. Just to let you know, I have joined the Facbook group! Speak soon, Lisa
  2. Hi Rick, aah yes, the Gemini trait! I can be pretty inconsistent... I have had to bring more routine into my life, which is not something I like at all as I am more spontaneous and like to be 'easy going' about things, but it helps me to build habits more effectively... I also schedule things into my calender and set reminders, which works most of the time. I have so many things on the go at the moment that I have to be organised but there are days when I just can't get anything done. I think meditation has helped a lot with this though... Nice to meet you and let me know about the group
  3. I'm doing the prompts on the link you shared!
  4. Hi Gillian, that's great you managed to do 3 weeks and that you are ready to take action again! I got up early this morning to do my practice and then journal. It was really beneficial and I will keep it going. Have you heard of The Artists Way? I started doing automatic writing, 3 pages every morning, after I read that. It was useful for a time but I do find the prompts for this one quite useful. So, if you're up for the challenge I will be doing this for the next 30 days, minimum!
  5. Hi Gillian, how did you get on with journalling? I'm struggling to get things done at the moment and I know it's certain traits and beliefs holding me back, I think alongside my meditation practice it could be beneficial to try this to see if I get some more clarity. I do journal sometimes but never as regular daily practice. Hope you found it beneficial!
  6. Hello Gillian, great to meet you! I'm a fellow airy person, gemini Also love journalling.... Look forward to connecting more, Lisa
  7. HI all, I'm very happy to be here! I am a yoga teacher and mindfulness meditation teacher, I teach meditation from both the Yogic and Buddhist traditions. I taught meditation in an adult education college for 2 years and I have always brought in the foundations of ethics and how we live in the world. I find it important to keep the philosophy alive in what I teach. I'm really interested in helping people to build more resilience 'to weather the storm' in changing times and to find a way to help heal the divisions that happen around the world. Other interests: Love adventures outdoors, being in nature, hiking, travel, caring for animals, dancing! Look forward to connecting with you
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