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    Sounds Cool, Anthony!! I began a Podcast too that I need to get back to; it is: https://anchor.fm/FinestCoaching-RickBarber >>my Theme: Global Mindful Meditation Education I would welcome any Mindful Guest Appearance! So check it out!!
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    I would have to say the traits that speak to me most are authentic, transparent, open minded, humor, and coachable themselves. I feel we are most able to grow, when those teaching us are also students in the process. Every client I have teaches me so much. That committment to growth and not ego to wisdom. that is my jammmm
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    The first thing that come to mind: a sense of humor! That just makes it all so much more accessible and makes me, as a student, take myself less seriously. But also: compassion. Great storytelling skills. An ability to call me and other students on our BS. An ability to tune in so well to what we're saying and where it's coming from.
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    One of the reasons for joining this program was to help in developing a new online initiative. (Or better said, reviving one I'd started back in 2017 but needed to put on the back burner during an international move.) I've set a goal of 52 posts within a year and it looks like this was too ambitious. That said, I managed to post the 6th of the lot today and since they've all been longer and more in-depth than originally planned, I think less will prove to be more. The site itself still needs a lot of TLC, but I'm glad it's up and running and getting a fairly regular run of new content. Anyone else blogging in this space?
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    This is a wonderful thing to do. Procedural memory develops nicely in a way that can make this feel and almost literally happen on something like "autopilot." The post I just released is on What To Do About Anxiety: 7 POWERFUL Tips.
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    That's wonderful Anthony! Is there a link to your blog or website? I am a freelance writer though I haven't been writing too much of my own content lately (aside from in my journal). However, it is interesting you bring this up because I have set an intention to write an article this week to post on my own website or Medium account. I plan to start working that muscle again, just letting things free flow according to whatever is moving through my heart and mind at the moment.
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    I love our “A Clinician’s Guide To Teaching Mindfulness”! My latest Focus has been on “Loving Kindness”! I can’t wait get in front of a Class of students. Wish we had a whole section on Marketing|Companies, just sayin! We must have folks who have accomplished this.
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    Hi there- I am Amy from beautiful Vermont (albeit a bit chilly here nowadays). I signed up to this community and teacher training a few days ago, and have been watching the webinars (which I love!) My backgrounds are in family mental health, medical case management, and more recently psychotherapy. Working within "the system" as I did- was not a great fit for me, so now I'm using this strange time to study and engage in Life & Wellness Coaching, MindBody Therapy, Yoga and Functional Nutrition training. My dream is to open my own practice where I can integrate all of my passions into one place, and where I help people with integrative mind-body therapy for healing. I've had a long relationship with meditation and especially mindfulness practices. I won't go into details about my most recent experiences, but I will say that without mindfulness meditation, I don't know where I'd be! It is such a blessing to have all of these materials and teachings online at our fingertips. I'm looking forward to attending Wednesday sessions and webinars, and meeting/learning with everyone here!
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    Welcome, Amy! I was born in Boston, MA, though in McKinney, TX now; I still consider myself a New Englander, sometimes, a Texan!:) Y'all have a Great day, Ladies!!
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    Amy!! New England Soul Sister!! I am so excited you are here! I am from MA. I too recently started and would love to connect if you feel you want community. Let me know. Much Love
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    gratitude I spoke at an event this week on love as an action word. It was amazing
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    Love, optimism, yesterday sadness and uncertainty, its amazing how your energy changes when you focus on your heart center & remember that you are a beautiful being of love and light May you stay in peace in this moment
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    Thank you Gillian! It is all very exciting. I am simultaneously working on updating website, linkd in & strategy. I am going to check out the different venues suggested. Will keep you posted as everything evolves. Enjoy the day
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    Hi Nancy, Welcome aboard! You are amongst Friends!!! Great Questions! All Businesses are operating Post Covid right now...and adjusting to using New Resources unfamiliar to them... You certainly market yourself via Live Videos on Facebook, Linkedin, Zoom, & Podcasts as well---whatever Creative means to assist you! We all are taking on various formats! Some Folks are designing Workshops on Eventbrite.com; I have considered that as well, though have not taken that step! Come Join us at Sean's Q & A: Wednesday, November 25 - 11am PST / 2pm EST The Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81900255411 Hope to see you there! Feel free to reach out to us...there's No "I" in TEAM!!! Hope that helps: ~~~Rick~~~
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    Hi I have not ventured out in the virtual platform yet. Would love to hear from others who have. I am currently working on an idea that will include Reiki, Transformational Thinking, and Guided Mindfulness Meditation. I am quite new with the idea of "marketing" myself. A few thoughts/questions that I have: How to start: Live Event that discusses the program, with people then signing up? Best format? Zoom, Facebook Live? How to reach people? I think with the current situation of Covid, Virtual Teaching of Mindfulness is very important. With Gratitude Nancy
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    Ahh...& hear I figured I was rambling unintentionally; sorry to hear, Gillian; doing better, thanks, that OTC Med..really took me out of my element...always be aware when combining certain Meds, OTC or not... I spent numerous time in Meditations yesterday. Despite the Benefits, we cannot ignore the Physical, for sure...when is doubt of Chest pain...get Checked out!Medically!!! The Life you save may be your own!! I had an Anxiety Attack back in 2017 (2nd time in my lifetime) and wound up at the ER; thank God it was just that...and never never play doctor..see how our minds get distracted & plays tricks on us!!! Be well, Gillian and whoever else reads this!
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    Ahh...I have a Technical Tip: I see Folks who are not well represented with Light; I had that issue too as well since I am a Volunteer for a Career group on Zoom. If you are a Presenter, it is good to have Equal amounts of light around you so you are well lit and not having very bright backlighting that can be overexposing one's image for the public; some folks do not have enough lighting which shows too much shade around you, so I bought what's called a Ring-light; it's $35.99; I am happy with mine, I am considering another; here is the link from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Extendable-Sensyne-YouTube-Compatible-Android/dp/B08B3X7NXC/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3FGJML3EKK4AG&dchild=1&keywords=ring+light&qid=1605905617&s=electronics&sprefix=Ring+%2Caps%2C186&sr=1-3. Hope this help!!!! I like it cause it has "..... 3 color modes (cool white, warm yellow and daylight) and 10 brightness levels to meet your different needs": It is well Worth the Cost!! When I get a chance I'll do a demo Video someday on Youtube. When presenting on Zoom, it helps to look like Pro!!
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    Thanks, Gillian, I was reviewing my Meditations, I have participated in so far...not that the amount matters...I counted 114 as of today as I was listening to Sean's Theme: "Positive Future" as I listened to the background of my WindChimes in my backyard as I have been experiencing Anx from an OTC med I took before Dinner and later experienced Chest pains with some leftover anxiety today; I took an xtra low dose aspirin last night with additional checks on BP's and my Pulses -all Normal...sometimes we need to be aware of what mixes with what esp. if the Physical & Emotions are combined...maybe I am having leftover reactions today; my Partner offered to take me to the ER, then later I read that the OTC med had a side effect reaction of "Chest pains" as a result of...so why to share? Just for awareness sake, for sure...I worked in Healthcare for over 11 + years, so I know my signs to be on the look out for....no worries so far... I have an imp. announcement for a Live Zoom Meditation on Thanksgiving day!!!! See y'all at the "Watercooler" for my Announcement!!! Thanks Gillian for my ramblings>>maybe helps to release my Anxieties today:)
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    She recommended the Netflix movie "13th"; here is the sum on youtube: an eye-opener!!!
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    Great Topic!! At first I was hesitant to even bringing Mindfulness into a conversation; I suppose for fear of being misunderstood or judged; Now I feel freer to do so to see how it is interpreted. So where have I begun? At home with my Partner, and little by little it seems I can fit it into the conversation as I did yesterday! We have a standard joke about being the "KIA, Know It All" of the household, of course we are not, though makes for some frivolity! Beyond that she admitted that she needs to learn how to forgive herself for her misdeeds which I followed up with..."We have a Mindful term for that" ,which she queried about as I briefly explained as "Self-Compassion" which apparently was new to her! So I informed her that I first heard that term from Dr. Richard Davidson>> https://centerhealthyminds.org/about/founder-richard-davidson. So now I am working on a proposal for presenting an "Intentional Mindfulness Workshop" to a Career Voluntary Group I assist at; our Coordinator seems to need to justify how this would help Job Seekers and needing an immediate "Take Away" as he expressed. Sean was helpful to clarify my Next Move on that...sorry, hope I was not off track; it's all relative to certain varying degrees. I see that I seem to be the only one who uses a Color font here; I choose rather Mindfully because to me, it represents, "Hope" coming from my Catholic background.
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    Gee, No, that Link was perfect; it was just Sean's Hyperlink which was incorrect on his weekly Q & A; I was able to text him and he sent me the correct link that I passed onto to others who were temporarily Locked out. Bonnie's Session was Amazing & Inspiring! She felt complimented that our Class was so Diverse, which made it more Intriguing! Do you ever get to participate in our Classes?
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    Thanks Natalie, Katie, and Alexaraye! I resonate a lot with what you all have said. What stands out most for me in a teacher is authenticity and an energy of being grounded and down-to-earth. On the humour note, have you followed the teachings of James Baraz? The first time I watched him speak was in a training here a few months ago. At the end, he played his guitar and the whole group broke into song. Really beautiful! You can watch the replay here if you're interested - https://teach.mindfulnessexercises.com/5-19-20-james-baraz-awakening-joy/
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    Hello Sean, Gillian, and Community, My name is Claire; I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I am really enjoying this teaching course both for the material and the reinforced commitment to my own mindfulness practice. I am new to mindfulness teaching but I have worked to help others over the last 15 or so years. Mindfulness and meditation have personally helped me cope with some of the most stressful periods of my adult life; I wish to learn more about sharing this practice with others to help those in stressful/traumatic situations. Most recently, I became a licensed massage therapist to help others cope with stress and trauma through bodywork, however that endeavor has been put on hold due to covid. Instead I am looking forward to using this course to continue my mindfulness education and incorporate this training into my future work. I may also be returning to active duty in 2021 after a sabbatical and plan to offer mindfulness courses to help my duty station personnel better cope with stress. I have been slowly reading the introductions and attending Sean's weekly sessions as able - thank you to everyone who has shared their goals and experiences. I am very honored to be on this journey with you. Happy Thanksgiving, Claire
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    I would say bringin us back to the humaity within the practice. Its all too easy to believe you are suppose to get caught up in the expectation of the practice, and there really is no expectation when you are led to arrive over and over again in a new beginning.
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    Ladies...I just alerted Gillaian to let Sean know!!!
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    Hi, my name is Letitia and I have just started this Mindfulness Meditation course from my home on Vashon Island in Puget Sound, Washington. Although I have been on an intentional spiritual path for many years, the idea of teaching meditation is a new one for me, and I am using this course partly to create a more committed meditation practice for myself before embarking on teaching others. During the COVID-19 times of restricted movement, I have spent a LOT of time walking, hiking, exploring the forests and beaches here on Vashon - sometimes on my own, but also very frequently with one of my "pod" friends. Building on a deep love of nature, this time in the outdoors has helped me see/experience nature's healing power and so I'm hoping to combine studies in nature therapy with walking meditation. This is quite different from my professional life which is currently on hold after a COVID layoff. Hopefully I'll soon be back doing public and global health evaluations. I'm happy to have chosen to embark on this course and see it as a perfect next step in my own development.
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    I am just starting out as well! If you need a friend or accountability partner, send me a message!
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    Thank you Letitia! I have found journaling a great tool for self awareness. I never know where my writing will take me. It is a amazing how much insight I find when I read what I wrote!
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    I love your post from your journal, Nancy! Thanks for sharing that with us. I am currently working on self love in my own spiritual practice so have been doing loving kindness and compassion meditations directed at myself.
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    Welcome, Dorna, We look forward to seeing you in Sean's Weekly sessions! Again, welcome! Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. ~~~Rick~~~
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    Thank you Gillian for your response!! I see my name is sort of not there but my nickname is pinky, so that’s good. Yes, meditation has been such a great help in nursing and in being sheltered in place. I’ve been pretty content with it, much more than some of my friends. Thank you again for reaching out. It really is helpful!! Great to meet you, marian
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    Hi, joined the Teacher Mindfulness a few weeks ago. Looking forward to meeting people and doing the course. Am teaching meditation to a small group and have also taught in a prison half way house. More grounded in the Zen tradition, have ordination in the Lay Teacher of western Zen. Love the focus and presence of mindfulness, and have taken some online and in person classes previously. Also have been a nurse for the last 40 years, recently working in Hospice and grief support. Doing Meditation and offering it to others has been a wonderful companion in nursing.
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    Thanks Anthony! I am not too sure about the status of guest posting, but I will pass on the idea to the team
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    Thanks so much, @Gillian Florence These are indeed powerful techniques that I wish were better known. I don't know if Mindfulness Exercises accepts guest posts, but if so, I'm happy to write something up about the technique for the site if so.
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    Hi Friends, Here is the Link to Diana Winston's Thursdays' Meditation Virtual Meditation! You have to Register first though at: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation?utm_source=*Hammer+Museum+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=2d39469948-Weekly_Email_11_2_20&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7fbdd70951-2d39469948-178255058&mc_cid=2d39469948&mc_eid=be5eef11c1 Come join us today!!!
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    Hey Gillian, Here is David Treleaven's Video from yesterday; he explains that this weekly Meetup is for any First Responders, whomever that may be and anyone else who has that Special Interest. David Treleaven’s Free Weekly Meet-up Titled: TSM Community Meet-Up | November, 2020 - Practices to support frontline workers during the pandemic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpFMP8FQtec&feature=youtu.be. It is very insightful and inspiring!!! He only has an hour, though he sets up Break out groups of about 3 for Informal chats and Intros! I met with 2 Female Coaches from Canada; we had short fruitful conversations!
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    Great article Anthony! I really appreciated that many of the tips you offer are not what you'd typically find in an article on anxiety, such as the memory palace, the self-inquiry questions, and those breathing techniques - I hadn't previously heard of either psychic alternate breathing or pendulum breathing. I just tried the psychic alternate breathing for a few minutes... very cool!
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    Last week and this week I have added 3x yoga instead of 1x daily. It's just a simple routine, but I'm seeing quite a difference from scaling up time spent.
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    Sean, Gillian and team- this morning, I needed some new ideas for a guided meditation I'm leading next week, and visited the "Scripts" section of this site for the first time in while... and was SO EXCITED to find that they were organized by general topics (anxiety, compassion, mindful parenting, etc.) THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this already amazing resource even more helpful and easier to navigate. Just this small change made all the difference in my being able to pinpoint two of the scripts I can rely upon for my anxious colleagues this coming week. I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH! Lena in Philly (where the votes are still being counted...)
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    This week , I have been drawn to more silent meditation.During these times, I reach for this book -Karuna : one of the most beautiful branches of Reiki by Sandra & Jorge Ramos. There is a beautiful meditation: I am, and I feel well, here and now. Om Shanti. It brings great peace. From my journaling: Today just breathe... Allow this beautiful breath to fill your senses, Bringing awareness to the moment. Today just love... Allow this beautiful love to fill your senses Bringing compassion to the moment. Today just be Be with your breath. Be with your love. Namaste Nancy
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    It was a great way to experience Sean, the work, the community and more. I was grateful to be an observer as I was curious how it all worked.
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    Our session was very fruitful and engaging, Gillian. Thanks for asking!
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    In order to fully learn the proper language, I prefer to be lead by the apps I listen to, and to Sean Fargo, of course, and others more qualified than me... I love to use the Healthy Minds App. & UCLA Mindful App. provided by the Mindful Awareness Research Center, (MARC); perhaps a silent Treat down the road...I know my Aunt, when alive, was a Catholic Nun who participated in Silent Retreats occasionally. As previously stated, Diana Winston, the Director of Education @ MARC, provides weekly Virtual Mediations every Thursday at 2:30PM/CDT. Yesterday, there were over 500 Global Folks who participated in her Meditation! She is very popular & respected.
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    Thank you !!! Goodness I love the community here! Thank you! See you there!
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    Hi everyone, I thought I'd make an official introduction and hello to the community. I have joined this program in the last couple of weeks and am tuning in from the north shore of Boston, MA. I am an acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and herbalist who also teaches meditation and mindful movement. My clinic is located in Salem, MA and endeavors to integrate these different branches of oriental medicine. The majority of my work is practicing acupuncture and teaching meditation. I work with all kinds of people in both and I do a short guided meditation for each of my patients. The meditation is as important as the needles and each acupuncture point. In my private practice I work a lot with fertility to postpartum and women's health. I have also been working in a hospital in the PACE program which stands for Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly and is for low-income high-needs patients over 55. I also do some home visits through a local hospice, providing acupuncture, bodywork and meditation. I love to work with people in transition in their lives. During the pandemic I have had my hospital and hospice work on an indefinite hold and am using this time to pivot to offering meditation and mindfulness online and to deepen my own training. I've been practicing myself off and on for 20 years or so and have been more serious about teaching it the past year. I have attended several silent retreats at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA in the past 10 years. I taught meditation combined with mindful movement like qi gong and yin yoga and meridian stretches here and there over the past 7 years. I developed a 6 week program that I am teaching virtually now. I'm happy to be here and hope to learn more about helping others overcome obstacles in their practice and how to more masterfully guide others. I actually had frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) last year and it was a painful and debilitating condition and it began to dramatically lessen once I started teaching my 6 week program and I felt that teaching mindfulness and meditation is definitely the direction I need to move towards.
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    Welcome aboard, KJ!! I worked in a Drug Detox program up in MA for 11+ years, so I know all the Challenges of that job! From my experience, the AA 12 Steps of Recovery are vital in Recovery! I gained many a great Friendship with Sober Friends; on the other hand I met many others who could not cope with Recovery too, who perished from the Disease, sadly enough! Hope to see you in Live Session when you can! You are amongst Friends!
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    Hi Gillian - Unfortunately, I was not able to catch David's session. My client schedule is currently interfering with my ability to participate in the live sessions. Once I complete the course, I'll be moving on to check-out the replays of the workshop sessions. Loving the course and all the content. Thank you and have a great day!
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    Hi Gillian, Had a nice chat with Sean! He will be looking into glitches discussed. What I wanted to leave with you RE: Apple Users: If they are having problems with writing in the Notebook, they can under "File" do a "Save as" to an Icloud Folder and be able to retrieve their Work everytime!!! Thanks for all your communications! ~~Rick~~~
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    Wow!!! I can see I am not alone...Sean should know that not all of us have the same Operating Systems...let me be very clear; I have an Apple macOS Catalina version 10.15.6...I emailed Kaila, and saw she was using Google Chrome, so I downloaded the Chrome; I proceeded to our Dashboard; went to Lesson#1-Worksheet-could not type in in it assuming it's a PDF...no go!!! Help Gillian! There needs to be a Universal system that works for all, short of Printing out all the Worksheets then sending in which would be Piles of docs:(...there has to be a Better way...I emailed Kaila, but she has not responded yet...what time Zone is she so we know when reasonably she can get back to us, please? BTW, I typing all this in Chrome...why, I'm not sure:( I thought that was going to resolve this...this has not been a productive day so far...wow, talk about being transparent:(


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