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    Thank you Gillian and Anthony I am new to the community. I do journal at least 4x/week. I find it very insightful. Sometimes I journal before I meditate and sometimes after. I am interested in the dream analysis. I have recently been recording my dreams. I am finding that even if I remember only a tidbit, once I write it, more follows. I have been categorizing into topics a) the probability if related to something that did happen that day b) what emotions were experienced and c) who the characters were. I will be checking out the links you provided. Peace and Clarity Nancy
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    Hello everyone, I'm Megan Moyer from Santa Barbara, California. I've been an off and on meditator for quite a few years now and have realized just how important a regular practice is for me and my clients. I'm a Life Coach and a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. I use labyrinths as a form of mindful meditation but not everyone has access to them and since I always recommend mindfulness meditation as a tool for staying in the present, this course will build my confidence and allow me to use meditations with my clients and provide me with many resources when working with others. I'm looking forward to connecting with all of you.
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    Oh very nice! Sweden is indeed beautiful. I am in Stockholm in a south suburb, though we have plans to move to the countryside. We're not sure where yet but are open to whatever presents itself.
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    David's Presentation was Awesome! I enjoyed his whole approach to Trauma! I actually got to see it twice since he presented at the Embodiement Summit! I took copious notes too! The Key take away for me was "Options" given the PTSD Person options whether with specific choices to open their eyes, leaving the meditation with another person, then coming back; giving them the choice to discern anything with the Meditator after the meeting...all quality choices. His Book sounds awesome too! My Next Read!
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    Yes, it is truly a blessing to have that kind of support. Over the years I have learned to be that for others. I have always wanted to help others, and though I meant well, it wasn't always what was needed at the time. Learning to listen without speaking says so much! Where in Sweden are you? Many many years ago, my sophomore year in High School I spent a year as an exchange student in Hudiskvall. It si a beautiful country. Peace and Light Nancy
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    I found David's workshop to be helpful, not just in terms of the topic - trauma-sensitive mindfulness - but for the general utility of some of his concepts/models. In particular, I think the TSM Practice model that he shared (3 circles - safe, learning, & overwhelm) is a fabulous framework that can be applied to almost any situation. I used the model the day after the workshop in a coaching situation with a colleague who was struggling with her role on a specific project. The model provided her with a simple framework to help her determine if she was learning/feeling some discomfort, or if she was, in fact, in a state of "overwhelm". Introducing and discussing the model helped inform her next steps in a pretty major way. Another take-away for me was that using trauma-sensitive techniques to teach mindfulness is a great way to practice across the board. I liken this to how changes that were designed to include/make things easier for people with disabilities (e.g., curb cuts, alternative formats) actually end up being better for everyone! I'm grateful to have participated in the workshop. Thank you, Vanessa


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