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    Shot at a Fitness Center in Dallas, TX.

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    Thanks for sharing this Nancy! It is beautiful and touching to hear about your bonds with your family. I, too, am very grateful for mine. I live in Sweden and my family (parents and sister) live back home in Canada. It is difficult being away from them, but I know that their love and support is always, always there. To share another expression of gratitude, last night I felt an immense wave of appreciation for my partner. I was experiencing some difficult emotions and he was (as he usually is) such a rock. He is able to hold me without trying to change or fix my experience. I am truly blessed with his presence.
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    Hi Alexaraye! It is lovely to connect with you. Thank you for sharing your work. It is very inspiring and your website is beautiful. I read a bit about your background and it seems that you have a wealth of experience with children and are able to really cater mindfulness to a defined niche. I will send you a note to chat more


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