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In my meditation this morning I was led to remember the powerful document written at the turn of the century called The Pattern on the Trestleboard written by The Builders of the Adydum. 

2 points of this meditation stood out to me-

1) all the power that ever was or ever will be is here, now. 

This is a powerful statement, it refers to everything that exists only exists in the moment and if we truly live in the moment, nothing can have power over us except in the moment that you experience and every moment is yours to do with as you please.


2) it is by my will alone, that I set my mind in motion.

This statement repeated allows you to take control over your mind and thoughts and helps to connect with the fact that it is your thoughts that shape your world and reality. Everything that exists, every concept, every business, every work of art, everything man made existed as an idea first. You have the ability to set your world in motion through your thoughts. Positive states of mind and positive thoughts set your reality and experience into positive motion. 


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