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  2. Hello! A technical question but when will the workshop be available to watch? I couldn't join live due to time zones. Thank you I'm so grateful to have Dr. Mate as part of this course.
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  4. I am also so grateful for Dr. Mate's workshop. The conversations with those who shared were so raw and real and had so much emotion, and the last share reached me to my core. I found myself posting support to the person sharing in the chat as I related so much to what she was saying. I wanted her to know she wasn't alone and then I realized that by typing, I had also somewhat distracted myself from the last part of the conversation as a slight coping mechanism to what it was stirring in me. I am so ready to start peeling back the layers of suffering I have been carrying all my life and am really looking forward to not only listening to the recording again, but practicing "What happened". I was thinking about how these skills will also be beneficial for my professional life in the HR realm. This course is beyond amazing and I am in awe and am so humbled to be a part of it. It's difficult for me to articulate to others the level of education I'm receiving and the beautiful impact it's having on my life. Sean was so right when he commented that people sign up for this course and then realize how much it impacts them personally (sorry, I know this isn't exactly what he said, but hopefully it shares the meaning). Sean's rawness in this workshop was also extremely powerful to me. Everyone who opened their hearts showed me that I don't have to be perfect to be able to help others. We're all still trying to figure out our own stuff and I think there is beauty in sharing that. To me, that's when the real teaching can begin. There are no words for the amount of gratitude I have.
  5. Hi Paul, Welcome and thanks for your service; I'm Rick, & a transplant from MA & RI...let us know how we can assist you. Again, welcome.
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  7. I started listening to In The Realms of Hungry Ghosts today. Wow. Thank you Marian and Gillian for the referral.
  8. Hi Patrice, Thank you for sharing your organization tips. I love using electronic notebooks and appreciate the way you set yours up. I'm just beginning the program so your thoughts and recommendations will prove very helpful. Thanks, Paul
  9. Hi Paul! Welcome to the program and to the community. I'm Gillian - the community moderator and part of Sean's support team. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Though this program is certainly a teacher training program, many have commented on the depth of personal growth they are getting from it as well. So you are in the right place I look forward to connecting more with you. Feel free to share comments, questions, or reflections anywhere in the forum you feel drawn to. With gratitude, Gillian
  10. Marian and Nan, thank you both for sharing your reflections on Gabor Maté's workshop. I was so deeply touched by this session - it was so authentic and so deeply human. I started reading In The Realms of Hungry Ghosts many years ago but never finished. Perhaps I will get back to it. I also find the topic of Compassionate Inquiry very interesting and powerful. I am training in Depth Hypnosis at the moment and we practice what is called Insight Inquiry, which seems to have some similarities. Another interesting thing that came up for me, as you refer to Nan: this idea of 'fawn' as a fourth way that the stress response manifests. The word 'fawn' in this context just came into my awareness when I was reading something a few weeks ago. It was great to see this brought up. Nan, I also completely resonate with that inclination to smile, to nod, to 'lean in' to soothe so-to-speak in the face of another's suffering. In my training in Depth Hypnosis, I became aware of this pattern in myself (so many of us have it - it's very natural). What I am practicing now is rather than leaning in to fix or to soothe, just trying to really hold with compassion. To hold that space with care without trying to change the reality of what is present for someone. It's difficult work for me, but I am feeling into it as I go. Much gratitude for this session and for everyone who shared and showed up.
  11. Hi Patrice! I love to hear you are using Evernote. I find it very user-friendly once you navigate the basic features. It's also great to hear about your breakdown - the different notebooks you've created. I am sure this will be helpful to others who are trying to get organized. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hello Jaclyn! Welcome to the community. Thank you for sharing about your passions and backgrounds. I cannot imagine what it would be like to go through cancer, but I am so happy to hear you are now a cancer survivor. If you don't mind me asking, how did that experience impact your mindfulness interest and practice and any of the other work that you do in wellness?
  13. We began the Peer Support about a month ago. No, I am not Certified; yet remain hopeful:)
  14. Welcome Jaclyn, My name is Rick. Congrats on being a Cancer Survivor!!! Welcome to our Program! There is so much to learn here:) Let us know how we can assist you.:)
  15. It was amazing, however, I was unprepared for how triggered I would be. I didn't realize how much I fawn when difficult conversations are being had. When people were sharing the feeling of wanting to sooth other people with a smile and nodding my head in hopes that if they saw me, they felt understood. About half way though I stopped the urge to "fix" anything and just allowed the deep personal pain that was shared to just arise in my own system. Every single person that shared - shared something I too had experienced at some point or with some person. I am very interested in learning/delving more into the mirror concept that Dr. Mate spoke of. I think I have a completely different understanding of that teaching after the deep shares. I have a tremendous gratitude for Sean to have given us this incredible opportunity. I will be mindfully working with these feelings and become more aware of their origin for quite some time.
  16. Hi Gillian, Here's what I've done to get organized. I'm using Evernote to organize all of the information I'll need to complete the program. So I have a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification "notebook stack" that includes the following notebooks - - Certification - Getting Started - Lesson Notes - Journal - Online Sleep Course (because I've been having issues with insomnia) Within each notebook are relevant "notes," e.g. I have a note for each Lesson in the Fundamentals course. The Journal notebook lets me record thoughts and ideas that may arise day to day as I'm moving through the program. In the Certification notebook, I have all of the info related to teaching mindfulness (e.g., Training Deep Dives, self-assessment tools). I also have a MMTC folder in Google Drive where I store the Workbook, the Daily Meditation log, and other documents that I have downloaded from the program. Within the MMTC folder, I have folders for the Certification Requirement documents, the brandable curriculum, the lessons, and supplemental material where I store docs on mindfulness that I've found online (I can convert web pages into pdfs). It took a couple of months to figure this out, but it's working pretty well now. Hope it helps. Patrice
  17. I am currently in the beautiful country side of Maryland. From California beach side. Where I sure miss. I am so excited to take part in this training at your own pace, mindfulness certification program. As an esthetician I naturally put clients into a meditation state. Now I have an opportunity to be certified where I can just focus on the mindfulness meditation coaching. Staying tuned into other influencers and coaches is a great motivating knowledge to continue to walk the walk and talk the talk. Mental wellness & nutritional wellness is my personal passion. I am a thyroid cancer survivor. I rise and smile each and everyday life is an adventure. I love learning & sharing.
  18. The Gabor Maté workshop was amazing!! Thank you so much to everyone for arranging it and being there, and of course Dr. Maté. Thank you to all who shared their interactions. I learned so much from the dialogues about my own processing and emotional life. Am listening to In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts which has really been thought provoking. Wondering how the work shop was for others, and thank you again to those who shared their processing.
  19. Good morning (or Good Day), I'm Paul and I'm from Houston, Texas. I'm a lifelong Houstonian except for my time in the service (Army). I'm very excited to participate in this training, both for my personal benefit and to eventually help others. My professional career revolved around working with business teams and individuals to help them improve their performance. From a work perspective I enjoy coaching, teaching, and facilitating. Personally, I enjoy reading, writing, landscape gardening, and the walking in outdoors. I look forward to meeting others, learning from you, and contributing to the group.
  20. Paul Fisher

    Paul Fisher

  21. What a small world this is indeed. Looking forward to the peer coaching if we get it going. I have not yet had a chance to be on the Tuesday Coaching and will shoot for that next week. When did you begin the program? Have you been certified?
  22. It does Work after you sign in to Zoom...then just use the Meeting ID to get in: 89774586500
  23. The call with Gabor is coming up soon (1pm Pacific), but you are right - the link does not seem to be working in any case. I will send Sean a note to fix that. But you can also copy and paste that link into your browser and it should work.
  24. On the Bookjacket of David's Book he says, "...trauma remains a fact of life: the majority of us will experience a traumatic event in our lifetime, and up to 20% of us will develop post-traumatic stress. This means that anywhere mindfulness is being practiced, someone in the room is likely to be struggling with with trauma. At first glance, this appears to be a good thing: truma creates stress, and mindfulness is a proven tool for reducing it. But the reality is not so simple". Your Comments? Let's begin this conversation...
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