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  2. Hi Gillian, Yes, I would say that Gabor Mate's work is my greatest influence. Thank you for the link, looking forward to watching it. (-:
  3. I think the main obstacle is to make people understand the relevance of the practice, even if the methods used are often non orthodoxical (people tend to believe, at least where i come from, that to cure = tu use medicines).
  4. I can really relate to what you've shared, Lisa. I am interested in many different topics that, though related, are quite unique. It can be difficult to know what way to go. I try to remind myself that no matter what I venture into, it will carry me in the direction I need to go (even if indirectly ). If you feel like sharing some of the different subjects you are interested in, I'd love to hear more.
  5. Wow! Your work is wonderful. I love the subject of your writings, along with the front cover of the colouring book. Thank you for sharing. I write on topics related to mindfulness and wellbeing, with a strong interest in spiritual development and relationships. Here are a few links to my work: https://www.gottman.com/blog/how-to-use-mindfulness-to-strengthen-your-relationships/ https://insighttimer.com/blog/how-to-create-a-morning-ritual/ https://www.gillianflorence.com/blog/our-ecological-wellbeing-depends-on-more-than-earths-climate https://www.gillianflorence.com/bl
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  7. I have been thinking about this and I think the biggest challenge for me is not knowing exactly what I should be studying next to move me forward on my path, while I continue to deepen my practice. There is so much to learn so I just tried to soak up everything I can, but I'm a process person so it would be nice to know a clear path. I was hoping others would respond to this as I'm really interested to hear what other people are challenged by. Great question Jillian! Thank you!
  8. Hi Gillian! I saw your post a few days ago and apologize for not responding sooner. I appreciate you continuing to share this information!
  9. Hi Gillian, nice to meet you. I write about psychology, how this discipline could help in everyday life and not only in pathological scenarios. I wrote my first book as a self-help compendium with all the basics of the subject, and how these can be used to alleviate our everyday micro-sufferings. The second one is all about mindfulness colouring, it contains in fact 40 words that can be studied and learned through the "mindful coloration" technique. I give you the link for both of the projects to have a better understanding of it all: https://www.amazon.it/update-Migliora-aggior
  10. Hello Vincenzia! It is wonderful to hear from you. Welcome to our community and thanks for the introduction. Recovery and addiction. This is an area I do not have expertise in, but I am certainly interested. I love the work of Gabor Maté. Have you read or listened to anything of his? We also had Kevin Griffin as a guest teacher last year who specializes in mindful recovery. Here is a link to his workshop. From my memory, the talk was more on how to teach mindfulness in general and less on mindfulness related to recovery, but here it is in any case: https://teach.mindfulnessexercises.
  11. Hello Alessio! A warm welcome to our community. Thank you for this introduction and for the lovely words. I'm Gillian - the community moderator and part of Sean's support team. If you have any questions, please let me know. I am a writer as well. What sorts of things do you write?
  12. Silent Illumination, Embodied Experiencing: A Method for Natural Awakening Saturdays, 10am-Noon EST "In this six-week course, Guo Gu leads us through the practice and cultivation of silent illumination, the realization that we are already free. The course will meet online together once a week for instructions and discussion of the week’s topics, with readings assigned each week." https://www.buddhistinquiry.org/online-programs/
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    Retreat with Gil Fronsdal, PhD, Amana Brembry Johnson, Tuere Sala and Jozen Tamori Gibson "This is a silent retreat designed especially for those relatively new to the practices of Insight Meditation (Vipassana). The retreat includes systematic instructions in Vipassana meditation—both sitting and walking—as well as lovingkindness practice, meetings with teachers, and evening talks highlighting the central teachings of the Buddha and their practical application to our lives." https://spirit-rock.secure.retreat.guru/program/insight-meditation-retreat-254r21/
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  15. Hi, my name is Vincenzia My field of interest is on how mindfulness can be used in recovery. There are many approaches to recovery and I have noticed a shift towards more eastern approaches when it comes to support groups but not much with actual recovery programs people can enroll in (in-person or online). There is the 8 steps book and support group and then Refuge Recovery as far as I know. Both being incredibly helpful but barely scraping the surface of what is needed out there. Therefor I have dedicated two years to further learning of addiction and to strengthening my mindfulness p
  16. Starting a new learning experience is always something exciting and inspiring. A process in which you have to question yourself, acquire new skills and meet new people to be inspired by. The choice of taking Sean Fargo's course has already turned out to be among the best i've ever taken. As a nationally renowned psychologist and writer, I can't help but be intrigued by taking part in the most comprehensive and accessible mindfulness course on the internet. This is why today, while writing these words, I feel hopeful, happy and grateful to all of you. A.R.R.
  17. This week's question asks: What is your biggest challenge when it comes to teaching mindfulness? Whether it's gaining confidence, reaching a wider audience, knowing your niche, or something else, I'd love to know what you might be challenged by as a new (or upcoming) mindfulness teacher. Jump in with your own reflections or offer supportive words for other teachers.
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  19. On a related note: Has anyone watched the 'Mindfulness' episode on the Netflix series, 'The Mind, Explained'? It features the work of none other than Richie Davidson.
  20. Hey everyone! I came across this thread again and so did a bit of research. Here are some ideas for job seekers: Calm App (numerous roles) - https://www.calm.com/careers#openRoles Mindful Schools (two positions posted at time of posting, one remote) - https://www.mindfulschools.org/about-mindfulness/our-organization/jobs-at-mindful-schools/
  21. For me, first, there needs to be an openness to Mindful Meditation; even, if not Meditation at first, then, at least an openness to an attitude of Mindfulness; ultimately, it's not one or the other, it's both! One has to question, what is a Student's Motivation? I was always seeking a meaningful Coaching/ Teaching Certification program to suit my needs, that hopefully will be attractive to others, where learning is on an Equal basis...to be a Student of Life, so to speak, and Sean has demonstrated that! Second, his guiding Principles of Loving Kindness & Compassion for others & a
  22. This week's question asks: What are the core values you wish to share through your teachings? While many of us share similar core values, there will be differences in what weighs most important to each of us. What core values drive you forward and will emanate from your mindfulness teachings? Examples include compassion, honesty, truth, open-mindedness, freedom, creativity, and so on. List and describe as many as you'd like.
  23. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share one of the things I run for free a few times a year that's starting next week: my Path to Presence Retreat. It's a free 5-day virtual meditation retreat that is focused on building a sustainable meditation practice that sticks. It intends to get folks working ON their practice and seeing it as a habit that can grow with them as life shifts. One and all are welcome, we meet each day over zoom and Facebook live April 12-16 9 am EST. There are replays and watch parties available from inside the Facebook group for the whole week as well. For
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