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  2. I just emailed you, ok? Looking forward to our Zoom Link!
  3. Sorry It's MacCracken yes I can, I haven't but gillian did send me a few emails so I can. thanks for the reminder. I'll create the zoom link and send it to you. Molley
  4. Last week
  5. Pretty Shot, Rosanna, Welcome, I learnt a new Definition of Photography called : Mindful Photography (Unsure of this source.) "Photography as Meditation: How so? Neuroscience has determined that multi-tasking is a myth. Your brain actually cannot do two things at once, which is why focusing on your breath in meditation has such a profound effect and is the core tenet of that practice. The same thing applies to photography. If you’ve shifted your brain’s focus to the steps necessary to take a photo, at that very moment your brain isn’t engaged in all the thoughts (good, bad
  6. Hi Molley, I am in the process of contacting another peer; she & I began exchanging emails...let me get back to you on her...what's your last name, please...mine is Barber, ok?
  7. Hi Molley, Thanks for reaching out...I am good for August 13th @ 11 AM/CDT, 10 AM your time, so that's good you?. Were you planning on reaching out to others...just curious.. Thanks, Rick.
  8. Hi Rick, Lets try to find a time that works for us and take it from there. If that works for you. I think you are in Texas, I am in New Mexico so an hour earlier than you. Fridays are better for me and I prefer morning. Want to try the 13th or 20th of August at 10 my time? Look forward to hearing from you, Molley
  9. Hi Michelle! A warm welcome to our program and online community space I'm Gillian - part of Sean's support team, so if you have any questions as you navigate things, let me know. Looking forward to learning more from you here in the forum!
  10. My name is Michelle and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I am excited to journey with all of you in this program!
  11. Hi Rosanna! Nice to see another Calgarian in the course! I also look forward to learning with you!
  12. Hi everyone! I just watched the replay of this week's Q&A and realized there are some questions lingering about the self-assessment rubric, perhaps certificate requirements as well. This thread will be dedicated to asking and answering any questions related to curriculum & certification. Also - you can now find a helpful FAQ document on the Certification Requisites page! https://teach.mindfulnessexercises.com/mindfulness-meditation-teacher-certification/ You are also free to email me or send a private message if you prefer.
  13. My Calm composure, my wisdom, & my Loving-Kindness attitude, along with my flexibility to encorporate new learned skills in a Praxctice.
  14. Sure, Molley, Let me know how to proceed; Gillian tagged a few folks too. Why not start an email list of folks based on the others tagged here...just an FYI...
  15. I guess my thought now is just to start something and invite others to join. Are you up for that Rick? I'd be happy to create a zoom meeting to talk about it. Molley
  16. Lovely to read about your vision, Maria. Thank you for sharing. This is certainly important work. Do you have any suggested articles or resources to recommended on the connection between mindfulness and dementia or Alzheimer's?
  17. Hello Maria! So wonderful to e-meet you. Welcome to our program and community. I'm Gillian - the community moderator and part of Sean's support team. If you have any questions, let me know. @lisammany@gmail.com - Lisa, I am tagging you here as I think you asked a question in a Q&A call about older populations/Alzheimer's. I am not 100% sure on this, but in case this is accurate, maybe you'd like to connect with Maria and/or pose some questions.
  18. Earlier
  19. My vision that lead me to this program is that teaching mindfulness I can help people to have a better quality of life, without severe memory issues and without dementia early in their life (at 50's or sometimes at 40's as I unfortunately see in my activity) or without memory problems at all. There is no cure for dementia or at least a treatment to help stop memory decline in early stages, so that the disease won't progress to more severe stages. And as a clinical psychologist the best thing I can do is to help people to prevent memory problems by various means and mindfulness is one of the be
  20. I am Maria from Sibiu, Romania (...in the middle of Transilvania). I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist and The President of the Sibiu Branch of The Alzheimer Romanian Association. My interest in mindfulness started about 7 years ago and my first training in mindfulness was about 4 years ago. Use mindfulness exercises for myself and also in individual psychotherapy. Also the last years I had presentations at National Alzheimer Congresses about ”Mindfulness in preventing Alzheimer Disease” and also ”Mindfulness in Mild Cognitive Impairment”.
  21. Hi Gillian, I think it's hard for us here to organize around that IMHO; I think it would be helpful if Sean organized the logistics around that would be great foir folks to sign up so we can exchange emails at least...he could mention it in our Q & A's...to even sign up there; I'm just suggesting.
  22. I think as this was optional, it was being left for self-organization. I, too, thought there was someone who was taking a list and organizing something. I'll check in with Sean to see if he's heard anything.
  23. Hey Rick, Which post above do you want me to have a look at? The only one I had not yet read is this message from another thread. I will add my comments to it over there, but let me know if there is something else you want me to take a look at.
  24. Yes, Gillian, I saw Molley's post; thank you; that sounds viable, yet someone needs to coordinate this...it doesn't seem to be such "...a logistical nightmare..." if Sean kicked it off IMHO....so time will tell...
  25. Hey Rick, Did you see also Molley's note here? (see below) I have not heard anything about a second Zoom group. I remember it was mentioned in the past that some were interested in having calls outside of the weekly session but that these would be self-organized. Agreed though, there could be a better process for it. I'm open to ideas to help organize?
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